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In an as-a-service world, Tricom represents over 270 providers of which many are the “unusual suspects” – companies that you have likely never heard of before, but they can do things that no one in your organization can. Let us enlighten you to the world of choice. Let Tricom help your company.

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Tricom has been a trusted advisor since 2001. We represent a global ecosystem of more than 270 service providers and that continues to grow giving our customers the capability to update, implement and replace technology to solve their business problems. These vendors provide services that no one company can do on their own. And due to the complexity of the market Tricom, as a trusted advisor, can alleviate/eliminate the clutter and noise to help you align with the right providers.

As an agnostic advisor, we ethically pit the industry against one another to find the best possible outcomes and solutions for our customers. The only constant is change and with our powerful IT decision making platform tool (Pathfinder), it allows us access to both niche – the unusual suspects - and large disruptive providers.


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    Enterprises are replacing traditional PBXs with Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) at an incredible pace. UCaaS is feature rich and easier to manage than traditional on-prem solutions, using a delivery model where service providers offer collaboration tools and bill monthly providing flexibility and scalability.

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    Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solutions provide a customer experience beyond only voice calls, adopting digital channels like chat and SMS to expand with customer preferences as well as utilizing AI to improve the complete customer experience. CCaaS technology enables businesses with on-demand scalability, global reach, and easy integrations to route customers to the appropriate agent as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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    With an ever-changing threat landscape, businesses should be building a security framework that is positioned to guide them on the full breadth of processes and risk management. Using the NIST Cybersecurity Framework to identify, protect, detect, respond and recover, businesses need to plan now to prevent data breaches and malicious attacks before reaching a critical and costly situation.

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    In a cloud-first, hybrid work culture world, smart businesses need turnkey network solutions that enable optimal applications performance and security. While some applications still need private network connections, Internet based networks are far more common. Network-as-a-service offerings eliminate the hassle of piecing together disparate elements by delivering complete, integrated solutions that guarantee performance, security, and visibility.

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